Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Nights, The Lying, Empty, Simpleton, Cowards Visited

Nigel has left the building ... Long gone folks, but, now we begin ...

All your posts will be approved ... and dealt with, accordingly; patience. However, the more  haterbaition, within, the less chance it has of being processed.


Internet Interceptors et al ...




Just one request, to Mr Oliver Ferns, of Plymouth, at this time.

Please provide, or have ready for legal action, proof or evidence, of any illegal activities (threat or otherwise) against (or involving) your children (or any other child), carried out, by any member of The OSC. The same, for any addresses, if you please.

Has never happened - thoughts on AoC, here.

As for such false and/or malicious allegations, or claims, regarding sexual activity with minors, made by Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield, please see this piece, from the malicious, fabricated, account ...

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Debris was thrown at the windows of the property and the vigilantes were dispersed by the police.

To Mr Phillip Hoban, of Leeds, and all those associated with Predator [sic and irony] Exposure ...

This first stage of harassment and stalking, causing anxiety and distress, has been reported to the police and will lodged, early next week (this page, has been referred, to the police).

Mr Hoban was aware, full well, that Dr Oldfield had vacated the property.

This was not Mr Hoban's first visit ...

Captured 26/8/17, 10:31 am

There is no legal requirement, for us to do so, but, in good faith, this is the first and final warning, to cease and desist, any further illegal activities, against Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield and anyone who is associated with him.

We may even pursue a charge, of Encouraging or Assisting Suicide, under The Suicide Act 1961.

Any other individual, or group, who intends in pursuing the same course of action, can take this as their first and final warning.

We cannot stress, strongly-enough, how correct Ms Dibs is, indeed, Dr Oldfield's offences, are now all 'spent', under The ROA 1974, which makes it doubly-critical ...


As we have said, many times, if anyone feels Dr Oldfield, or anyone associated within The OSC, has carried out an illegal act, they must contact the police, as soon as they are able.

Food for thought 

Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 1 Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 1

Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 1 Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 2  

Thank you.



Key individuals, at the time of writing


Oliver Ferns aka Nathan Hunter - Plymouth Against Paedophiles

Phillip Hoban - Predator Exposure 

Gordon Sumner - Internet Interceptors


Kellie Howarth aka Luca Marshall - Various affiliations

Jordan Hall aka Kieran Dixon - Various affiliations

Sarah Christina Doherty/Newey aka Paula Sting, Julie, Julie Croga - Internet Interceptors

Julie Dobson


Dean Hunter - Sub Division Hunters

Mel Williams

Alexander Fabian

Others unnamed, at this time.

More to follow.




A quick treatise, on conflict outcomes and 'cowardice' ...

Consider the inevitable outcomes, of these metaphors,
applied to the present situation ... then learn.


On the, late, evening of 27/8/17, a further group of vigilantes (identities, yet unknown) attended the original address, without invitation. This caused severe anxiety and distress, to the totally innocent and vulnerable, female, occupant. They fled before the arrival of the police.

This, once again, is in the hands of West Yorkshire Police.

This was a direct result, of the address being published ('doxing') on social media, and allowing it to remain, therein, by the groups and/or individuals, detailed above, in this post.

Of course, Dr Oldfield had left the property, as stated here, and on social media, on Saturday morning, 26/8/17.

Temporary update

This vigilante attack, was carried out, by this group ...

Probably 'Clipstone', as the fame-seekers, carry the dossier.

These are the wannabe, misfit, remnants, of the original, infighting, group. All hiding, on the night, of course.

Next time they do a sting (oh good, they already have) and report to the police, we will have their identities.

This will, of course, be passed to the police. 

More to follow.





"Dangerous, but brilliant."

Recovering Stinson, applies his selective and faltering memory,  
so as to advertise his Child 'Protection' Industry bandwagon profiteering, 
on the back of innocent and vulnerable people ...

That is what Stinson does.


The dangerous lies and misinformation, as always, from Stinson, should be, and have been, noted.

The terrible irony, of Stinson agreeing with the 'Zig' Facebook post, is not lost on us.

No Stinson; not only is not funny, for all the obvious reasons, it is also no surprise.

Drug-induced, selective memory, one presumes.

Higher level, neural network, fused and destroyed.



OK Dave, you got it ...


Do let us know, where you think Dr Oldfield is, and when you will arrive. 





A true gem of a location and venue, made temporarily toxic,
by the temporary presence, of vacuous reprobates - learn what they are, good readers.

Any questions for Dr Oldfield ...



26/8/17; Andy stokes the flames.

27/8/17; Still.  

28/8/17; Still.


The dangerous lies continue




For archival, evidential, later work and illustrative purposes ...

No real ID - enough said.

Yes, there also seems to be some confusion, about the attack, on Dr Oldfield,
by Ms Sara Payne and Ms Shy Keenan. This was the outcome ...

When Survivors Attack (Part 5): It Took You Enough Time To Get It Up

Dr Oldfield has been 'trolled', by the best of them, i.e. secondary school students. He will, likely, find this all very nostalgic and, since the mentalities and/or cognitive abilities of, almost all, these people, are equal to, or less than, that of a secondary, school-age, child, he will be understanding and supportive, as always; everyone likes a bit of banter, including, with those with special needs.

If it, or actions, cross the line, again, then the usual consequences will ensue; just as it did, in school, but now, under the law. Same old names, same small circle, same secure archive, for later.

The OSC 



Information, to the email, on the right, as usual, please. Thank you.   


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