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Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 1)

The Hunted One @TheHuntedOneUK


Even Stinson has some ethics, knowledge and understanding; these 'parents' do not. They are ill-educated, ill-informed, dangerous, clueless, newbies. Eltham-based, helicopter 'parents', with too much time and money, on their hands, without commensurate knowledge and intelligence.

Their partisan ignorance, barely-hidden, seething, hatred and glee, are matched, only, by their mob-handed bullying and, relatively, well-financed (in time and materials) operation. It seems only one member has any, acceptable, ethical, self-control ... and even that slips, dangerously, on occasion. We would really like to know who this man is.

Time, once again, is pressing, until they are responsible for an attack, suicide or, other, death.

They must fail and fall, as those before them have - and as soon, as is possible.




To business ...
Front man, no image


Ben Waters-Bleach

Ben Waters-Bleach, 2, 3

4, Ben Waters-Bleach, 2, 3

Known members: Craig Kelly, Ben Waters-Bleach, CJW-B, 'Jodie', Jodie Hunter, TA.

Images, captured, from the harassing, frightening, ridiculing, threatening and mentally-damaging videos, of the episode, with Mr SL, leading to his hospitalisation.

Regardless of the alleged activities of this man, they will be explored, correctly, and this could have all been avoided, by informing the police, without this Circus of Fear; why would they do that? 

So, all information, to the email, on the right, as usual, please.


This is how they responded, to the outcomes of their attacks, on an innocent man, apparently, with no previous convictions, with serious mental health issues ...

More poison here.

Listen to the vicious, offensive, rage, from 3:40, here.

These people are ignorant, to the real and present risks (and, yes, to minors too), have few limits and are deluded and dangerously-obsessed thugs (see, particularly, earlier videos), as much as they hide, behind their fragile (if translucent) veneers of respectability.

They are little better, than the man who verbally-attacked Mr SL, in the video.

They must be stopped.


More to follow

Saturday, 22 October 2016

First, There Was The Word

 ... and the word was Censorship



The legal and psychological research surrounding online Child Sexual Exploitation Material (CSEM) is focused on visual depictions of children, either as still images or movies.

Narrative CSEM (N-CSEM) describes an under-researched area, resulting from difficulties surrounding its conceptualisation, both legally as well as concerning the function for its users.

The current study describes an initial attempt in defining N-CSEM in comparison to visual material, based on interviews with users of CSEM and N-CSEM and professionals working with this user group.

Thematic Analysis resulted in three super-ordinate themes. All themes were analysed and enriched from the perspectives of user- and service-representatives.

The study provides insight into N-CSEM as a separate entity from visual CSEM, challenging and informing legal decision-making and assessment and treatment providers for users of CSEM.

KEYWORDS: Child sexual exploitation material, Narrative Child Sexual Exploitation Material, thematic analysis, child abusive images, online sex offending" 


2 December 2014 

Who was the Marquis de Sade really?

Friday 14 November 2014

Marquis de Sade: rebel, pervert, rapist...hero? 

February 2015 

Who Was the Marquis de Sade?

Marquis de Sade

Sins And Sons Of Stinson

Stinson was not the first, in this terrible game of death, but, here is the legacy ...



Stinson Hunter (uncovered).
Letzgo Hunting.
The Paedophile Hunter or The Hunted One.
Dark Justice.
Hunters Online.
Unknown TV.
Paedophile Hunters London.
Chris Fear Paedophile Hunters.
Not Of Normal Criminal Element.
Internet Interceptors.
Guardians Of The North.
Daemon Hunter.
Creep Catchers.
Barry Pugh.
Shane Brannigan.

UK Paedos Exposed.
The UK & Ireland Database.
UK database.
Shaneannigans NONCE Haters Association.
PEDO Hunterz #Australia & World wide

More information and identifications, welcome, at email, on the right, please.


More to follow.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Distorted Cognitions



Also, see The Eikonophobiacs Are On the Move - Again and Beginning To Understand.

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Gateway to offending behaviour: permission-giving thoughts of online users of child sexual exploitation material 

Danielle G. Kettleborough & Hannah L. Merdian

Received 19 Nov 2015, Accepted 30 Aug 2016, Published online: 18 Oct 2016 


"The endorsement of permission-giving thoughts, or so-called cognitive distortions, has been discussed as a contributing factor in sexually abusive behaviour.

The current study set out to explore the thinking patterns of offenders who have used/downloaded child sexual exploitation material (CSEM), based on a survey of professionals.

A thematic analysis elicited four overarching themes, namely the Perceived Nature of Children (perception of children portrayed in CSEM, as well as children in general), Non-sexual Engagement with CSEM (motivating factors that are not inherently sexual in nature), Denial of Harm (perception of the level of harm caused by CSEM), and Expression of a General Sexual Preference (general interest in deviant sexual behaviour).

These themes aid to explore the differences and similarities between contact and non-contact offenders and to improve the understanding of the role of permission-giving thoughts in this typology of offending."

Results are discussed in terms of their theoretical significance and future implications.

KEYWORDS: Child pornography, child sexual exploitation material, cognitive distortions, sex offending, internet sex offending,

D. Kettleborough @DGKettle

Hannah Merdian @HlMerdian


A fundamental attribution error? Rethinking cognitive distortions

Shadd Maruna & Ruth E. Mann

First published: September 2006


"The notion of ‘cognitive distortion’ has become enshrined in the offender treatment literature over the last 20 years, yet the concept still suffers from a lack of definitional clarity.

In particular, the umbrella term is often used to refer to offence-supportive attitudes, cognitive processing during an offence sequence, as well as post-hoc neutralisations or excuses for offending.

Of these very different processes, the last one might be the most popular and problematic. Treatment programmes for offenders often aim to eliminate excuse-making as a primary aim, and decision-makers place great weight on the degree to which an offender “takes responsibility” for his or her offending. Yet, the relationship between these after-the-fact explanations and future crime is not at all clear.

Indeed, the designation of post hoc excuses as criminogenic may itself be an example of fallacious thinking. After all, outside of the criminal context, post hoc excuse-making is widely viewed as normal, healthy, and socially rewarded behaviour.

We argue that the open exploration of contextual risk factors leading to offending can help in the identification of criminogenic factors as well as strengthen the therapeutic experience. Rather than insist that offenders take “responsibility” for the past, we suggest that efforts should focus on helping them take responsibility for the future, shifting the therapeutic focus from post hoc excuses to offence-supportive attitudes and underlying cognitive schemas that are empirically linked to re-offending." 

DOI: 10.1348/135532506X114608

Examining The Term 'Cognitive Distortions' 

"In short,

the concept of cognitive distortion has suffered both from an absence of empirical support and also from a lack of clarity in definition.

Over time, this lack of clarity has become increasingly problematic. Authors have broadened the concept of cognitive distortion in different ways; for example, using the term to describe general antisocial thinking (Ward, 2000).

In clinical practice, the term cognitive distortion has become confused with any causal explanation for offending given by offenders, no matter how valid the explanation might be (Mann & Webster, 2001).

Moreover, the cognitive distortion label is used to group together far different phenomena such as attitudes, cognitive products and post hoc excuses.

Hence, we will avoid the slippery term cognitive distortions altogether in our review below, and concentrate only on excuse making [...] We explicitly exclude attitudes which are supportive of offending, such as pro-violence attitudes or (in the case of sex offending) beliefs that child victims enjoy sex with adults or are not harmed by it."

"In this paper, we have suggested that some of the common assumptions about post hoc excuses (sometimes called cognitive distortions) are worthy of reinvestigation.

In particular, we point to a large body of literature that indicates excuse making is normal and frequently healthy, and we make the uncontroversial point that behaviours frequently do have external causes.

We suggest that, just because many offenders seek to excuse their offending by appealing to external, unstable causes, this does not justify the assumption that such an attributional style is risky. Such an assumption may mean that those concerned with understanding offending, whether through research or clinical practice, pay too little attention to other, perhaps more important, cognitive phenomena.

As always, more research is needed, but future work should maintain a more open, unbiased mind in regard to offender accounts and seek to avoid misattributions of labels such as cognitive distortion."

Thursday, 13 October 2016

We Have Voted With Our Computers, You Are Losing, We Are Dying - Decriminalise Possession Now


13th October 2016

13,000 British paedophiles [sic] request help to stop looking at child sex abuse images [sic] in one year

12th October 2016

Seven in 10 calls to helpline referred to police and councils, NSPCC reveals

12 October 2016 Last updated at 20:19 BST

Paedophile [sic]: 'I was a car crash waiting to happen' (prepare for dogmatic, but sometimes correct, propaganda)

Original BBC link, now redirects, to the above...

12th October 2016

Police chief: '100,000 men regularly view obscene [sic] images of children'

1:45PM GMT 05 Dec 2014

Half of paedophiles [sic] 'need medical help' and not jail, says chief constable

5 Dec, 2014 14:58

Child porn possessors to be medically treated, not punished – UK police overwhelmed


Simon, you are doing some great work, but, please drop the voodoo victimology.

It is incorrect, it is irrational, it is an unhelpful and dangerous, dogmatic, myth, which helps no one and harms many.

You are much better than that.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Calling A Pile Of Bullshit A Spade


Posted on Dec 22, 2012 11:24am PST   

Azov Film Production - A debate between "naturalist" photos and child porn.

September 14, 2012 

Azov’s Child Nudist Videos Labelled Pornography

Azov Films

2013 International child pornography investigation

Spading Up Hate: Joanna Beaven-Desjardins’ Big Lie


Spading Up Hate: Joanna Beaven-Desjardins’ Big Lie

Pedophobe of the Year:Paul Krawczyk,Toronto Police

Mark Schieldrop: press hostility to Azov accuracy

Mick Moran of Interpol and Pro-active Pedophile Policing

Mick Moran, Interpol, asks 'stop' to Azov critique


 ... and, now, the 'lessons have been learned', rewriting of history and smokescreen ...


11 October 2016

Child protection body failed [sic] over paedophile [sic] reports

11 Oct 2016 at 15:03

UK cops failed [sic] to act on Canadian intel on child abuse [sic]  

Oct 11, 2016

IPCC identifies failings within CEOP in their handling of intelligence

Handling of Project Spade intelligence - Essex, North Wales and North Yorkshire Police forces and the National Crime Agency


October 11th 2016

Failings [sic] at national child abuse centre caused two year delay in paedophile [sic] teacher

John Lucas @johnlucasNQE

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Such Is Justice